Beauty of Century Chapter 38.5

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  1. Surely, our protagonist will make it out of this ordeal safely. I hope that the thieves kill the Third Prince. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely. I’d be willing to pay the thieves one precious dollar bill to end the Third Prince’s worthless life. ( ͡°👅 ͡°)

  2. What’s this? Is it just bad luck? Third Prince looks jealous. I know he’s going to get in the way of her and the Crown Prince’s love for each other. So annoying… 🙁
    But anyway thanks Leaf!

    1. sorry to burst your bubble but despite two rapes she still thinks he has a good side to him and now they are on the run together – it all points out that he is a love interest, which is disgusting

  3. It’s sad that the MC is going to fall for the rapist prince, surely ending with him. :/ *smh*
    Anyway, thank you for the update!

    1. From the looks of it the nice prince will be the evil one and the rapist will be the good guy (someone was in on it with the queen and the middle prince is too on the nose, no one suspect a nice guy)

  4. the 3rd prince he is clearly trying to use “Stockholm syndrome” on her. the longer they are together, the more chance for things to develop. also separating the crown prince from her and potentially remove her danger from inside the castle.

    the prince might have done a terrible thing to her in the beginning. but at least he keep true to her, trying to find her again from the beginning and trying to make her as his wife. despite the confusion and misunderstand, l root for the 3rd prince

  5. I think the thieves will take her because she is really beautiful…

    Also take their money 💰💰…


  6. XD Jealous third prince?? Well you can’t have her! Not until you change yourself-or until she becomes that typical MC that falls for her rapist who actually ends up being a lonely gentleman or something like that. Thank you Leaf-sama for the translations!!

    1. it is clear as day what the author intends to do. First rape she cried herself to sleep, second rape she had no reaction at all after the deed, in fact she was moaning and fainted from plesure (as if that could happen), we can presume next rape will turn out to be something she wont resist and author will bend backwards to show us how good the prince is.

    2. Even if he changes, he does not deserve her.

      I hope the Crown Prince is as honest and caring as has been shown so far… If so, I hope she ends up with him instead…

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