Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 59.5

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  1. A little different from the novel. But still, who can’t like an adorable Shota? I am waiting for the banquet. Man if I got zapped to an ancient era, especially in the Orient? People say word banquet and I will be like a startled Quail… Flee! Doom!AwShiii7! Banquet in CLN is like an extreme life&death sport! Even Real World…there was a Swan Gate Feast. At least in Rome, if thrown into Collesium you kinda already expect what comes next. And the crowd can vote to save you….

  2. don’t get me wrong.i love this manhua.

    but is it just me that feel the transition from 1 chapter to another is kinda…i don’t know…sudden??

  3. yes, because they would know what spray is and how to use it, lol. Applying a painkiller isnt treating shit, it would be more resonable to clean it and bandage it, if it is deep or leave it open to dry if it is not seriouse.

    1. It’s what I was thinking 😂. She giving them a ducking spray, why is nobody surprised by that unknown thing?? Also I never heard of a spray that numbs pain so Idk what the fuck is that.

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