Beauty of Century Chapter 36

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  1. Since this chapter does not have that many comments atm…

    If you think the MC enjoyed the rape just now, you clearly failed to comprehend the story so far.

    She was repressing her voice and reactions. The prince kept trying to elicit a response. This was her way of defying her rapist.

    She is a maid in the palace. Her body belongs to the palace. All maids would understand this. That is the social norm for this type of setting.

    This is why she threatened to kill herself to avoid being raped the second time. The third time, the rapist got clever and bound her hands to prevent that… Since she could not even kill herself, all she could do was try to deny him the satisfaction of raping her.

    The MC is far stronger than most of you give her credit for. Being repeatedly preyed upon by the same monster and having her previous escape routes blocked, she still found a way to resist.

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