Goddess Creation System Chapter 143.5

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  1. Thanks for the update! But gosh that was so intense, like I knew she wouldn’t get killed off cuz she’s the protagonist but my heart stopped for a moment lol. I feel like after the prince realizes his love for her, she’ll go away, cuz like It’s called ‘Goddess Creation System’ so she’ll turn into a goddess right? At this point I don’t think she’ll get sent back to earth.

  2. I think Xiaxia is striking two birds with one arrow. If xiaxia saves the Prince, I think he will fall for her ? And she will move to her next mission, wangpu mingyun and minlang (is that right? ) will also remember her and their love will grow even more.

    1. but she does not need their love, only their help. Once the quest is done love is not needed, well it helps her to manipulate them but remember their are monsters, one slip up and she will end up like last time they killed her.

  3. my comments don’t like me or something… well time to rewrite. Honestly, I’m really impressed with her word choice in playing the boys so easily! It’s honestly so impressives seeing this done! But I hope things will turn out well for the Crown Prince… especially since his mother and father died. Thank you Leaf-sama for the translations

    1. well I still would like to know what the purpose of the system is, since so far it turned pure girl that just wanted to love into cold hearthed woman that can manipulate men to do what she wants them to do. Even if she returns to modern world can we call it a happy end?

  4. Great reunion, but one thing is bothering me. If she could buy the crossbow with an optic lenses, then why didn’t she summon the actual light or kevlar armor? Even if it has a single usage. Plus a red dye to fake the blood. It should be a lot cheaper than that.

    1. they aimed for her head also and only hit the veil. just some armor that makes it hard to dance is not good insurance. but this 30000 for only can be used once is how she get so many they stopped saying so can pull them out whenever from thin air. only used once means never rely on that again ever!

      1. So explain me if they aim for her head, then why the only arrow that gets her, it pierced into her heart? She train a lot and it seems that she can dodging the arrows. Also she predict, this would happen during the ceremony, so she excluded death from a poison. She knows that she will be the subject to intimidiate the Prince. That’s why she must fake her death and be belivable.
        But OK. Let’s suppose she is unlucky and have a headshot. Try to explain how she survive with the arrow in the head and no scars after the wound? It is incovenient for Xiaxi and for the autor to explain.

        1. Dude, I dont know how you read this thing but she explained this last chapter, it is called time lapse and it reverts her stats and position to set values, meaning she just teleported to where and when she wanted to be, with her stats reversed, it would work with headshot as well.

          1. I can say the same to you. How you read comments? Read 3rd comment above yours and you notice that this debate is about saving points not explaing how she do it. LOL

  5. still feel bad for these men, I mean, all they just want is for Xiaxi to love them :3
    it I was the author lmao, I’ll just make 3 Xiaxi for them lololol

    1. wtf are you talking about, both of them are monsters, just because she manage to make them fall for her, it does not change the fact that one of them sold her and treated her like trash and the other ordered to beat her to death (trial run that ended with her death)

    1. it is result of the system, she spends points on items that makes her beautiful. She started as slightly chuby freckled plain girl, after two missions she is first class beauty.

  6. Haha! She’s not a good example. 😂 but she has no choice. Screw the system. Hahaha!
    Just to think, i thought she needs 10million points to bring her life back. But she is using her points all along. How could she earn when she consumes it?

    1. well, the system only demands her to earn those points, not save them. So i guess it’s up to our little fairy to decide on how and when to spend them.

  7. yay thanks for GCS update

    this is a Xiaxi we haven’t seen awhile o_O
    she is usually cold and full with wisdom and pride in front of the crown prince

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