Beauty of Century Chapter 34.5

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Um I feel embarrassed whenever these scenes come on… XDDDD”



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  1. As a western reader I`m little bit concerned of the storyline. Sure I see some typcial romance cliches. We got plenty of Western harlequin novels that has similar storyline. About the dominate, dark but good hero who falls in love to the independent, strong, beautiful but still a “damsel in distress” heroine but the way this story goes is different. That she might fall in love with her rapist just beacuse he shows some kind of kindness or that she may end up as his new “wife” is this something that you read alot of in the Asian romance novels? Especially in this time period?

    Dont take me wrong. I love this story! Just hope she will have a happy ending in the end.

  2. I like how the emphasis is on rape. Rape seems to be quite the common occurrence back in those days. Not only is she horrified of him and every time the third prince touches her she has traumatic flashbacks.
    She was literally just tortured and both the crown prince who supposedly have feelings for her didn’t stop it from happening as well as the third prince who is probably the male lead..

    This girl has it rough.

    1. I hate that they show her blush, instead she should be trembling with fear like in next panel, she should be disgusted by him touching her – if he will rape her again I’m done, or if she will develop feelings for him, fuck that

    1. he is too young to know how “men” in this story behave, all of them have one wife, multiple concubines, beauties, and one more title that escapes me, all of those are hierachies of women for them to bang and yet first prince still is loonging for mc. Third one does not even hide the fact that he likes to rape maids, that are outside the harem but hey he can give that maid a title and all is good, so once the youngest is of age he will also have oportnity to have all that – there is no good guy in those stories, we just watch mc go from one bad situation to another, only escape will be her death since we all know she wont be on that list of maids that can go home.

    1. no he thought he is like other harem girls that scheem all the time and he cant trust her but after he tortured her he now knows he can trust her, which maks him even worse (well he already is a rapist). Plus he thought that she was paying the eunuvh for something but that was the wife – that said maybe he just figured out that he raped her and not the wife but that would make it even worse since he is going to rape her again

  3. Thank you. I just hope that he realized that she is the one he raped that time. Foolish guy! To go such length just for carnal desires…not a good man.

    1. for them it is not rape, they can do whatever they want to maids, thats why they have the ranking system, they just give her a title afterwards and all is good, if he rapes her or she will fall in love with this ashole I’m done

  4. WTF NO

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