Ruler of the Three Kingdoms *NEW* Chapter 1.1

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Sometimes I have a martial arts or china history crave so this is it…good art…handsome…perseverance for personality…so far so good XD There are a lot of difficulties in life so I prefer to read stories where the main character keeps fighting…it reminds me to never give up too i guess….Ganbatte?? 😛 I plan to speed up for the new manhua like YS. Micah, BS, Ugly women’s harem code + this manga so they are all uptodate. Older manhua I will eventually finish them too but they are not addicting for me so they are not my first priority as for now. 




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  1. well, i hope that「Shen Yi Di Nu」and「Feng Ni Tian Xia」can uptodate too~ 😢
    for the rest like Feng Qi Cang Lan , Goddess Creation System , and The Imperial Poisonous Concubine….umm.. i like this but i don’t mind if it’s not as fast as the new manhua.. 😔
    but.. please at least 2 manhua above can release a bit faster~ 😢😢
    of course i can’t force y to do so.. i implore thee~ 😇😇

    NB : *Thank you for your hardwork! i res….no, we readers respect you TimelessLeaf Scans!! we always support you~! 😉

    A Little Hero

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