Beauty of Century Chapter 32

Beauty of the century: The Abandoned Imperial Consort / Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Beauty of Century Chapter 32



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  1. For the readers that don’t understand why she waited until now, it is the same reason she did not give the bribe to the eunich on the first night.

    It is called a gamble. She is intelligent, as noted by the Crown Prince. She analyzed her situation and noted the risks. If she had tried to convince everyone right after the incident while tensions were high, it would have been impossible. She is a lowly maid. No one would have believed her.

    However, this is a hearing. Far cooler heads than the night of the incident. She has also been tortured brutally. Some have even expressed sympathy. She noted that the 3rd prince might be on her side. She decided to gamble based on her analysis of the situation.

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