Yue Shang Chapter 20.5

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Yue Shang Chapter 20.5



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  1. the art is so horrible. look at their noses. it ruins the face, its done so inexcusably. why ruin the faces like that? and this story hasnt caught the least bit interest from me and who is this guy anyway?

  2. Phhhy if u were her i woud destroy that clan myself.
    Come on! Blue eyes, somebody’s prophecy? They should have killed her or abadoned her ( I know THE PLOT and THE STORY but come on) and not treat her like trash (or even worst) now we have weak heroine whit teacher completes. Great…
    Go get them girl, destroy that stupid clan of yours.
    \_( -.- )_/
    And her teacher … Why the hell did he prevented her from fighting on the very start? I now he woned to hide her but didn’t he know like other tear her? Is he realy somebody you would call a teacher? I would not.

    Thank you for your hard work 🙂

  3. So the teacher had demon powers that would kill him when used,the mc is a reincarnation of the lady who had a thing(with a rather tragic end) with another demon(possibly the one who attaked her and the teacher on the road) and this guy.. who is he again…?

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