Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 3.5

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Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 3.5

Please give your thanks to Zero Luckyyy 😛



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  1. OMG! I am a new reader in your website, and I found THIS!!! Please tell me you are going to keep translating this, because I need it! I really do!!!! Ahh and Thanks for the chap 😀

  2. I just went and read all of this so far and it’s so interesting, I was wondering if this will ever be updated tho and if not is there some other website that has.

  3. I will put these all arrows in your ass.You won’t be able to shit you piece of shit.I don’t think baby will live.So you won’t live long too.

  4. Thank You for the update and translations! If possible I’d like to know if this manga has a novel? Thank You.

    1. I think he is being forced to do this to his wife or something like that because he was holding his throat in a painful way before he said “release the arrows”!!!!!!!

      I hope to god that she is reborn like 10 years before this happens or she survives somehow and has the baby!!!!!!

  5. Ahhh thank you so much for the chapter! ;^; oh no she’s pregnant! STUPID HUSBAND! But I’m confused now, I thought her husband was gonna be the red haired dude o.õ anyway, I’m suuuper excited!

  6. this artist doesnt know how to draw ugly? ? where is the ugly?
    WHY DO YOU ALL THINK SHE IS PRE-GNANT? HER LAST WORD IS “DEAD”! “I AM ALREADY DEAD!” duh. she is holding her dantian… stop being pervs drooling at the thought of her belly swelling and some revolting creature growing inside…

  7. Shes pregnant…well i cant wait for the family reunion of the dad with the baby. Hopefully the baby will fight him in mortal combat.
    Pls update again
    Thx again

  8. Woaaaaaaaaah~ I guess what is next!!! Waaah I’m so Excited for the next chapter!!!

  9. damn! I swear all this manhuas starts with a gruesome ending! and then backfires like million times!!! are the authors having troubles in life? though I admit I love this kinds of stories… revenge is the only payment kind of stories~


  10. OwO Noooo!!! Whyyy are you doing this with such a beautiful face??? T^T
    Is this the type where a miracle happens like maybe an early birth or her baby survives somehow (even though she clearly doesn’t look pregnant so the baby should be about 6 weeks ^.^)
    or maybe someone comes and saves her.
    But I’m a 100% sure something is going on with her husband that he is forced to kill her. T^T

    Thank you sooo much Leaf and Zero Luckyyy >o<

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