The Imperial Poisonous Concubine Chapter 20.1

The Imperial Poisonous Concubine / Friday, July 13th, 2018

The Imperial Poisonous Concubine Chapter 20.1

Please give your thanks to Miki for every transparent bubble cause it’s amazing whenever I look at it 😛



3 Replies to “The Imperial Poisonous Concubine Chapter 20.1”

  1. Till now im think why is she so pathetic
    I thought shell be a strong FL and atleast do some witty comments but shes just being stupid
    The plot is good though the writers need some improvement regarding to the flow of the story or people will slowly drop this

  2. *deep breaths* I’m still fine. I can read through this. Just ignore the cliché. I can do this.

    This story has so much potential. If only there was a better writer.

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