Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 1

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Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 1

Please give your full thanks to our cleaner Zero-Luck !!! :> He does a great job in cleaning. Without him this manhua would be a mess by now 😛 And please thank our typesetter PIGGY-sama!



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  1. Is anyone else getting a loading speed of a page per ten minutes (I am not exaggerating. It’s probably been longer than that.)

    1. She was born at a very inauspicious time, so she is fated for all the misfortunes of the world and an early death. People naturally assume she is ugly due to this.

    2. It’s often a question of culture for beauty. Look at the women ranked “beautiful” differ between each country. It’s just a question of culture and not taste …

  2. How often will this be updated? I’m soooo excited for this! I love confident and independand heroines! Plus the cover guu is hot affffd! I hope this gets updated fast ;^:

    1. waiting? how would you know it existed? and its so short! but the art has some good pts. but her skin doesnt look rough.

  3. sounds interesting and the artwork took me by surprise by how stunning and detailed it is. Thanks for picking this up!

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