Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 71.2 (Extra)

Feng Qi Cang Lan / Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 71.2 (Extra)

Please give your full thanks to SaeChaoย !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ย So..I had wanted to reply email and comment except tsunami hit my house so im busy cleaning up my room and yeah…im just an angry thing atm XD



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  1. This is actually quite vicious. Without her memories her existence no longer exists. How is this different from death?

    1. i don’t think the memory will lost…cause she just say fresh new start.. become baby again is a fresh new start to… it’s like reincarnated but she not death. but i have 2 theory about this.

      1. She still have all her memory while in babt form but can talk and walk cause you know..The baby muscle is Weak to do the proper job. so she has to grow up atleast 1 year old or maybe less to gained the ability walk and talk again.

      2. She don’t have any memory until certain Age when her personality has set.

  2. The sounds of faces slapped is as deafening as an artillery range!
    And wouldn’t every parent of a child gone wrong want that pill? Except cases for demands of life for a life, it could empty prisons!

  3. Gosh ! Gosh ! Gosh !
    SaeChao thank u so much, dear…
    Leeeeeeeaaaaafffffff thank u and please be safe and health, dear…
    FQCL horrey !!!!!

  4. Leaf, im surprised you have internet and all if your house got flooded by tsunami?! give us some photos to see is there huge ruin all over the area? where your country, in pacific? ive been flooded before multiple times by hurricanes, sucks so bad, get mold and infected water and looters and insurance co abuse and have to clean countless things, buy new, replace walls and floors, haha.

    1. The other flood I had where it was like 5-6 inch deep they had to hire people to remove the bottom portion of the walls and found a lot of mold. The wooden tiles also became uneven. But I don’t remember seeing any bugs (thankgod)?? We were kicked out of the apartment by the owner so he could renovate and sell the place instead XD but I’m kinda glad because the ppl cleaning the place said there were a lot of mold and it’s bad for us so I’d rather we gtfo

  5. this i dont like though: the flag to let her off was flying high, and what rubs me is that she is the wrong one, the grandfather is the one whose life is running out because his pill got stolen, yet instead of giving him the pill to use for himself to have a new life, it is thrown away on that horrible girl.

  6. I want to turn back into a baby again too . . . the beautiful world of NO RESPONSIBILITIEEEES! Well, still young tho so I don’t have that many, but in the FUTURE!

  7. Sorry to hear about the tsunami, Leaf. Glad that you’re safe. I can’t say the same for its aftermath though. Please be well. I know cleaning up would mean loads of work to be done, so don’t forget to take a good rest and watch your health.

    Thank you SaeChao and Leaf for the update.

  8. Whaaaaaaaaat!!! That pill is …. how am I supposed to …. ummm letโ€™s see the fact that she turned to a baby ๐Ÿ‘ถ is good and bad at the same time like good she can have a new beginning but bad all he memories will vanish pooofff
    But I think her memories vanishing is the best for her after all who wants to remember that that own some one for the rest of their life


    A tsunami? Wow. That must’ve been rlly scary, and flood isn’t good either. I hope you’re doing fine and there’s not that much damage there. Finish what you have to do about your house first and take a break ^-^

  10. that pill is just the same as death punishment tbh ๐Ÿ˜‚ now she doesnt have any memories for that time and i hope she can be a better person in the future

    Thank you Leaf and SaeChao!!! โ™ก anyways im so sorry for ur condition atm leaf, dont push yourself too hard, that flood is just a short wall in front of you, you can just jump to pass through it! heheh

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