Beauty of the Century: The Abandoned Imperial Consort Chapter 1

Beauty of the century: The Abandoned Imperial Consort / Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Beauty of the Century: The Abandoned Imperial Consort Chapter 1

I must say this is a long ass name….but anyways this is the sunday specials that I promised when I am feeling it…this is a new manga that I read today and I got to say…I do enjoy Palace plots and schemes every now and then:P Oh right excuse the beginning…it’s not a smut manga i think… XD



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  1. I’m guessing she’s the MC?

    Author does not hold back. Right off the bat, she gets raped.

    And now, there is a good chance she will even be punished for being raped. SMH…

  2. Why are so many Chinese novel male leads rapists? Is rape an acceptable thing in modern China? Why is it so glazed over and normalized in these novels? I’m concerned and offended.

    1. Nahh, it just in ancient (anywhere) rapping a woman was very normal. And in some places it’s the women’s fault if she gets raped (now still)

        1. honey,,,, do you even know what a narcissist is? the girl was simply stating a fact. it’s disturbing but that was reality at the time. Dude, she comes from the same messed up universe that you do

          1. I’m glad you spoke up because I was going to as well. She was clearly stating historical fact… rape was common because women were seen as property. And yeah, even today women are blamed and punished for being raped in some cultures. Even in supposedly civilized places like the US women are essentially put on trial for their own rape. People talk about what kind of clothes she was wearing, if she was drinking, if she was flirting, if she has had “too many” sexual partners in her past, if she told the man yes initially and then changed her mind later and said no. It’s ridiculous.

        2. Since they said “in some places”, they were clearly referring to cultural standards, not to their own opinion. Further, someone who suffers from narcissistic disorder is an individual who cannot properly value others or feel any empathy or affection towards them, since they interpret everything in the world through how it affects them.

          You could consider it “Protagonist disorder”, in a sense, in that they unconciously view themselves as the leading role, and thus can only relate to events by how they affect their own “story”. Narcissist can of course also be used to refer to someone who is self-obsessed, such as someone who is exceptionally vain, to the point where they simply *seem* to be dismissive of the existence of others.

          In short, no interpretation of narcissist would allow for the term to be easily applicable in this situation, even if your initial interpretation of intent had been accurate. Rather, “egoist”
          [someone who is self-centered, selfish at the expense of others, and arrogantly conceited] would have been the term you’d have intended but, even then, that’d only convey half the intent. The full phrase of “misogynistic egoist” would likely be the best representation of your intentions.

    2. Lmao. A fictional story set in ancient China somehow leads to a comment about modern China. Gotta love how some people think.

  3. There is actually a novel for this, it’s called Cold Palace’s Abandoned Consort (and it’s at chapter 2400+ something D:), but only the first 10 chapters were translated which is roughly chapter 4 of the manhua :<

    1. Finally someone agrees with me! Sometimes i like to see those long ass twisted plots with them fighting each other for throneXD

  4. i don´t get it how is it supposed to be a love story when he has just raped her? like wtf he has raped her she must feel disguted when seeing him ugg

    1. Same here. I agree with you. I don’t understand how she will come to love him since he has done an unforgivable action towards her.

  5. Leaf, do you have any links for the raw of this manhua? Thank you. I’m an avid fan of your site especially the Goddess Creation System

  6. . . . um . . . I’m sooo sry but no, just no. Most of these manhwa’s always have to deal with rape nd I’m just so *ugh* about it. The worst I have EVER read is Your Wife Run Away. The man in that manga had sex with a woman right IN FRONT of the 2nd. I dropped the manhwa right when I saw that. I mean, *psshhh that manhwa was messed uuuuup. I liked the mc but I could not bear LOOKING at him again. This manhwa reminds me of it sooo no…

    1. Plus the mc is a weak, and a crybaby… which I can’t stan, I like my mc’s to be strong either mentally or physically; DEFIANTLY BOTH LIKE FENG NI TIAN XIA XD. Soooo *when have fun reading this *thumbs up

      1. She’s a no nonsense babe from the future tossed ack to a time when those with power ate those without. So she crossdressed as a guy and secretly gathered power greater than the men who dominated that era, any girl from that era already been dominated. I always say if I ever get thrown back in time the 1st thing Id do is hide my gender.

  7. Please don’t tell me he raped her, but we are still going to get a romantic love story bewteen the two..? I will feel the same (though not quite as srongly), if he did not succeed in raping her, and we get a romantic love story between the two(since he still tried to rape her!)

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